Floatify Lockscreen V11.50 Cracked APK + Key [Latest]


Floatify Lockscreen V11.50 Cracked APK + Key [Latest]

Floatify Lockscreen V11.50 Cracked APK + Key [Latest]

Professional lockscreen and heads-up notifications for your phone!. Android Nougat like lockscreen with blurred background, quick messages, toggles and everything you need!. QuickReply lets you send messages directly from the notification!. DirectReply lets you send predefined messages like “Ok, thanks!” without typing.

What’s New ?

  • Added lockscreen widgets!
  • Custom action buttons on lockscreen
  • Lockscreen wallpaper now updates automatically
  • Added vertical clock
  • New expand button and animation on lockscreen
  • iOS and Nougat Themes improved, please reselect.
  • Translations updated
  • Fixes


  • Android Nougat like lockscreen with notifications
  • Heads-Up notification popups
  • Mini heads-Up notifications (optional)
  • Mark as read for WhatsApp and others!
  • Android 7 Nougat direct reply feature for android 5.0+
  • Direct Replies, send predefined answers!
  • Smart Wake Screen on notification (Wake on pickup & auto pocket detection)
  • Music controls for lockscreen
  • Preset themes (iOS 10, android Nougat,..)

More Features

  • Custom notification interaction settings (Tap, doubletap, push left, right,..)
  • Message filter settings
  • Quiet hours settings
  • Custom app settings (Privacy, sound, wake, timeout..)
  • Direct actions like call back / message (If notification app supports it)
  • Expand notifications to full size
  • Lockscreen notifications privacy settings
  • Backup & Restore settings
  • Much more!


  • Custom backgrounds, animations, icons, text
  • Icon pack support (Nova, Go, ADW,..)
  • Android Nougat like lockscreen notifications themes (Lollipop, Google Card,..)
  • Lockscreen notifications animations
  • Popup size, position, color, animation, opacity..
  • Heads-up notification color, divider, spacing, animations..
  • Heads-up notification icon background, size, contact picture..
  • Heads-up notification text color, max lines, size, bold..
  • Heads-up Quick Replies backgrounds
  • Heads-up Quick Replies send buttons
  • Unlimited possibilities


Floatify Lockscreen V11.50 Cracked APK + Key [Latest] Floatify Lockscreen V11.50 Cracked APK + Key [Latest]

Download Link

Floatify Lockscreen V11.50 Cracked APK + Key ZIP (4.2 MB) | Mirror


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