Floating Apps V3.8.5 Cracked APK [Multitasking] [Patched]


Floating Apps V3.8.5 Cracked APK [Multitasking] [Patched]

Floating Apps V3.8.5 Cracked APK [Multitasking] [Patched]

Floating Apps Cracked APK The largest collection (32) of floating apps available on Google Play and only one allowing you to create your own floating apps from widgets and URLs! Each floating app is a small application that opens in a window and floats over all other applications allowing real multitasking on your android phone or tablet. Floating Apps Cracked APK Just open floating app and experience multitasking like on your Windows or Mac. Move, resize, maximize, minimize and use floating windows and do not leave current application for a small task anymore – it’s exactly what the floating app is here for! It’s like multiviews / multi windows on Samsung phones but for any Android! Floating Apps Cracked APK

What’s New ?

  • Video player now supports AVI, MOV, WMV, MPG, MKV, MP4, FLV and more! It’s still in Beta so if you find a bug, let us know via android@lwi.cz please.
  • Minor improvements of Facebook, Dialer, Contacts and Bookmarks.
  • hiding of quick launch icon for selected apps
  • enabling / disabling floating apps completely
  • lock position of quick launch icon
  • playlist in music player
  • many improvements of notes
  • a lot of minor improvements and bug fixes
  • completely new tutorial for new users


  • Floating Applications
  • Floating Bookmarks
  • Floating Browser
  • Floating Calculator
  • Floating Contacts
  • Floating Countdown
  • Floating Dialer
  • Floating Facebook
  • Floating File Browser
  • Floating Flashlight
  • Floating Google Map (New)
  • Floating Google Plus
  • Floating Image Viewer (Popular)Floating Launcher
  • Floating Music Player (Popular)
  • Floating Notes (Popular)
  • Floating Paint (New)
  • Floating PDF Viewer (Popular)
  • Floating Search Google
  • Floating Search Wikipedia
  • Floating Stopwatch
  • Floating System Information
  • Floating Task Killer
  • Floating Translate
  • Floating Twitter
  • Floating Video Player (Popular)
  • Floating Wifi Manager
  • Floating Youtube

Supported languages: EN, CZ, SK, FR, SV, ES, RU, VI, IT, JA, PT(BR), KO, DE, FA



Floating Apps V3.8.5 Cracked APK [Multitasking] [Patched] Floating Apps V3.8.5 Cracked APK [Multitasking] [Patched]

Download Link

Floating Apps V3.8.5 ARM Cracked APK (17.2 MB) | Mirror

Floating Apps V3.8.5 X86 Cracked APK (18.4 MB) | Mirror


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