Meteogram Pro Weather Charts V1.10.2 Cracked APK [Latest]


Meteogram Pro Weather Charts V1.10.2 Cracked APK [Latest]

Meteogram Pro Weather Charts V1.10.2 Cracked APK [Latest]

This resizable weather widget (and interactive app) provides a detailed and visually appealing weather forecast, allowing you very quickly to understand what to expect when you venture outdoors. The graphical format is commonly referred to as a ‘meteogram’. You can choose to display as little or as much information as you like, or you can set up multiple widgets showing different information (optionally for different places) in different widgets. You can plot common weather parameters like temperature, wind speed and pressure, as well as tide charts, wave height, moon phase, sunrise and sunset times, and much much more!.

What’s New ?

  • time axis scale options (in Time Settings section): log, root, decreasing day width, shrink night vs day, etc.
  • (use this to allocate more chart space to the next day or two, or less space to night time vs day time)
  • Accuweather Air and Pollen horizontal bar… e.g. show a UV Index timeline
  • Accuweather Indices horizontal bar… e.g. will it be good for a BBQ tomorrow?
  • option to change style of wind arrow tip… choose between arrowhead (as at present), circle, or none


  • widget and app
  • dynamically resizeable widget
  • save or share settings locally or remotely, including to/from Google Drive (PRO)
  • portrait or landscape orientation
  • support for rotating home screens (e.g. as in Nova Launcher)
  • show a meteogram in system notifications, directly on your lockscreen (PRO)
  • fixed location or follow location
  • choice of weather data provider…
  • (the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, who supply data to
  • (the US government agency, and US only)
  • (who supply data for the popular Dark Sky app for iOS)
  • (Weather Underground)
  • temperature (actual or “feels like”)
  • weather symbols (that optionally follow the temperature profile)
  • rainfall (expected, min/max)
  • moon phase
  • sunrise / sunset times and highlighted daylight hours
  • sun and moon elevations and azimuths
  • air pressure
  • tide height
  • UV Index
  • wind speed (line or arrow format)
  • wind direction (line or arrow format)
  • cloudiness (overall or by height)
  • clearness
  • dewpoint
  • visibility
  • ozone
  • support for webfonts
  • show up to 10 days
  • choice of icon set (PRO)


Meteogram Pro Weather Charts V1.10.2 Cracked APK [Latest] Meteogram Pro Weather Charts V1.10.2 Cracked APK [Latest]

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